Our Commitment to Being Your Partner of Choice

We are all aware of the rapid change in the health care landscape. In the midst of these changes, it often feels as though physicians are underrepresented, undervalued, and subjected to challenges that distract attention from the physician-patient relationship. We all feel this tension.

We at DaVita are committed to our mission of being your partner of choice, and look to continuously improve our ability to help you help your patients.

We are your clinical partners. We strive to see the world through your eyes – seeing our patients, our care teams, and the tools we help develop from the perspective of our physicians. How are we doing this?

First, we are focused on understanding the needs of our physicians. Through the Physician Voice survey, Physician Think Tank, and our many physician advisory boards, we are making every effort to ensure your clinical perspectives are well represented in our programs and tools. In 2017 we implemented a physician understanding training program for our teammates. As part of this program, physician and non-physician faculty educate teammates on the day to day life of a physician, including the challenges of running a practice while being accountable for outcomes of care. We have reshaped our technology teams, spending time on a foundational understanding of our physicians’ workflows and data. These critical pillars of focus ensure our tools tackle care delivery at all levels, including direct patient care and population health. We are evolving our education and tools for our medical directors, as well. You will see renewed efforts to help our medical directors effectively access the data they need to lead our dialysis unit care teams.

While it’s impossible to take away all of the administrative challenges the changing health care landscape brings, we continue to look for opportunities to reduce these challenges with every new project and in every interaction with our physicians. Earlier this year we implemented process improvements to our Medical Director Invoice and Attestation process, and the focus on your experience resulted in capturing the critical information we need while reducing our medical director payment processing time from 14 days to 4 days, within the first month of launching. We rolled out a new communication tool in August that delivers our physicians relevant clinical and administrative communications with the appropriate priority, to minimize disruption to their workflow. Over 40% of our credentialed physicians have used our Communications Hub since our launch six months ago, and we have seen a 96% engagement rate with Medical Directors.

Lastly, we are aware of the gap between the promise of technology tools that will transform health care delivery and the reality of how well those tools work.  It is still early in the tech transformation of nephrology, but with your help, we have made improvements in the tools we deliver. We have focused on improving performance and usability of the applications you access most frequently, such as Falcon Silver in the dialysis center. As a result, Falcon Silver now hits industry standard benchmarks, and third-party data states that our physicians are significantly more likely to recommend our rounding tools than our nearest ESRD competitor*. While we are proud of the strides we have made with our technology this year, we acknowledge that we will still have work to do. Within the next 18 months, we will leverage our existing mobile platform technology to develop new mobile and web applications that deliver improvements for physicians at point-of-care, as well as new products for both practices and dialysis centers.

We know DaVita is only one small part of your world as a practicing physician. Nevertheless, we strive to make our part of your world as successful as possible. We are accountable for that success and want to be the partner of choice for you and your patients.


* Based on a May 2017 survey of 337 nephrologists conducted by third-party group 1st Resource. Of the 337 surveyed, 36% responded that they are ‘highly likely to recommend’ Falcon this year, significantly more than will recommend eCube (+15%).