• Falcon Silver

    Access patient information on-the-go

Built by DaVita® for dialysis

Falcon Silver is seamlessly integrated with DaVita® centers, providing instant access to real-time patient record updates, including patient medication orders and laboratory results. We are on your team and committed to your patients’ success.

Specifically designed for rounding at DaVita centers, Falcon Silver helps nephrologists round more efficiently. With our innovative, tailored IT tools, detect patterns and foresee challenges that may lie ahead for your patients. Instantly submit orders so patients receive medications sooner, and easily access and review lab data for your patients. Falcon Silver supports nephrologists as they help drive the best possible outcomes for patients.

Falcon Rounding Image



• Document rounds on web or iPad
• Review, sign, dispute dialysis orders on iPhone or iPad
• Manage lab data and trends
• Monthly Capitation Payment reporting
• ePrescribe
• Receive fluid-related alerts and trends
• Meaningful-Use Certified

  • Mobile Access

    Our innovative platform allows you to access patient information, sign orders or view dialysis scheduling from your iPad or phone. Available on iPhone and Android.

  • FluidWise

    Our integrated management tool helps you reduce fluid-related hospitalizations by alerting you when patient values are out of range.

  • Lab Results

    Our EHR is seamlessly integrated with DaVita® dialysis centers, so that you always have the latest lab results and clinical data.

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