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Mobile patient management

Our mobile app is the best way to use DaVita Physician Solutions when you’re on the go. With access to patient summaries, orders, and labs, you can manage patient care from anywhere.

Search 'Falcon Physician' on the iTunes App Store to download now.

View Patient Summaries

Search a patient’s name and pull up their summary to get a quick view to their latest labs, any allergies or problems, as well as their access point.

Review and sign orders

Get orders signed efficiently with our TouchID order signing feature.

Communications Hub

Access all your DaVita communication directly in Falcon Mobile. View high-priority documents, complete forms, and access job aids without ever leaving the app.

Patient care at any location

With Falcon Mobile you can manage your patients from anywhere. Click below to see how DaVita Physician Solutions can support your workflow throughout the day.

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